Yamaha TY250 R

New project coming soon , looking forward to this one , might be some time before i do anything to the Yamaha having too much fun riding it !!

Repalced both crankshaft oil seals , so whilst the cases are off  I decided to paint them , they came out really well. Only problem was the frame was very scruffy so i bit the bullet and stripped the bike !

Stripped back to bare metal chain guard lug  welded, brake light switch bracket and ligh resistor bracket removed and the painted, powder coating was an option but decided to keep it original 

Re plated engine  mounting bolts and the clutch arm, really pleased with clutch arm  looks like a new part !

This bike will be for riding so not having a full blow restoration, just a make over so she looks clean and very tidy !

John Shirt Silencer fitted

 Purchased a Tank Cover from Paul Cowley over at Shedworks  

Excellent quality really pleased with it. 


Fitted some Magical fork springs , internal adjusters and

used Magical Fork Oil  all from Yamaha Majesty. I have to say they have transformed the front suspension !


New front brake master cylinder and four pot calliper what a difference worth every penny ! Check out Cambs trials Centre







Whilst riding the French 4 day trial the top end of the engine became noisy and  the bike became very dificult to start.

Needless to say it needs a top end re build, I have  gone for the big bore option taking it to 263 cc 

Parts sourced from John Crane at Trail & Trials UK , 2 mm over standard offers a lot more bottom end grunt., requires a rebore to  70.00mm to fit, Pin to crown height is slightly less than the Yamaha piston but this keeps the power delivery nice and soft but with loads of torque. I have gone for the  Std 69.96mm  piston if required would leave me one more rebore with a 70.50mm piston. From my experience  I would have your barrel skimmed so the piston to crown height is correct Nigel Birket will do this for you


At present the only other thing I will do for now  is to finish the head and barrel as above.


Yes I have looked at modding the inlet manifold by 12mm and altering the head and barrel but for now lets see how this performs, 


The bike will always be a work in progress until I am happy with it as any Ty Mono owner will tell 

You they really are fun to ride

As you can see a little coked up once I had stripped it, loads of movement in piston its a wounder it had any compression at all, people complain about lack of power and poor performance a rebore may be a good place to start ?

Barrel back so 270 from now on , painted with heat resistant paint . The time it takes to detail the fins is well worth it click the image for a larger view.

Picked up a spare barrel ,head  and airbox along with a clutch arm this week, so may be tempted to carry out the mods......

Thought I would extend the clutch arm a bit , still got original as you can see.


Why a red barrel ?  




clutch is light even with old cable, go a new one on order and a new rear mudguard , white ones are available from a few sources un like pink ones , and as I fall off a lot it made sense to go with a white rear mudguard.


Yokes and bars now polished up , decals fit on tank cover , decals suppied by Angilia Vinyl Art even made me the 270 decals

Click on the logo to the left and it will take you to the Ebay Page

Alloy kick start now fitted came off a Scorpa SY fits a treat into barrel cut out , couple of marks from the foot rest , may weld them up in time but will only happen again, my scorpa kickstart is just the same


Stainless Steel stand kit ordered from Paul at Cambs Trials Centre

Wheels and spokes had seen better days, so I decided to go for stainless steel spokes front and rear.

The idea was to polish the original wheel rims to keep the cost down.

How wrong i was ...........

Click the images to enlarge

So we are now into new rims, oh well might aswell have a tubless rear rim 

Really please with new rim and spokes, decided to have hubs powder coated black, tubless rear tyre is still inflated after two weeks a bonus i guess !

I thought we had finished with this bike but  when a bargain turns up and when they are TY25Z forks , got to be worth a try ......

Not got round to fitting TYZ forks yet , but fit my new Birkett rear silencer


Very light , fits perfect , even the exhaust exit is angled so the mudguard stays clean , looks nice , sounds great 


The centre box is the real critical part of the exhaust on these bikes the rear silencer won't make a massive performance improvement that said Nigel  Birkett knows his stuff  !


First time out  since rebuild and it runs superb a true weapon as they say  ( in the right hands ) and not mine ... The bike runs even better than it looks !

Click the images to enlarge , click the Shedworks logo for website and keep a look out on EBay for more products

Frame protectors from Shedworks do what they say and look good when fitted


As with this type of product some times you need to alter them to fit on my bike the righthand side fit like a glove but the lefthand side needed some taking off the back to make it fit more flush to the frame


a great product for little money and not just red or white also silver, yellow and pink

So below we have the TY250Z forks and yokes fitted to bike at first glance you dont really see any difference.


Forks are now 41mm not 36mm and fork dust covers different, same wheel spindle and same head bearings.


Need to see how it rides  

Tyz forks work really good makes the bike about 20 mm higher at the front, nice smooth damping .


Fit some apico footpegs really good grip not that my feet stay on them any better !

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