Ulf Karlson


Born March 6th 1952 from Älvängen, Västra Götaland, Sweden, Ulf Karlson is a former Swedish proffesional trials rider that excelled in the sport during the 70s and early 80s


Ulf won the World Championship in 1980 and was one of the top contenders for the title several times, having finished in the top 10 rankings from 1974 to 1982.


Ulf won the Scandinavian championship in 1982 and 1983


Ulf won eight consecutive Swedish championships from 1976 to 1983. Thats some acheivement!


Karlson was semi-professional throughout his career, combining his job as a painter for 5 months of the year with the trials season. He always rode for the Älvbygdens MK motorcycle club.





Karlson started to ride world events in1970 , he soon became part of the official Montesa Team. Ehich had the likes of Rob Shepherd, Rob Edwards and Gordon Farley


In the Summer of 1975 a new version of its flagship, the Cota 247, named VUK ("Ulf Karlson Version") or Ulf Karlson Replica in honor of the Swedish rider. This version incorporated major technical and aesthetic improvements developed in collaboration with Karlson.


With great consistancy and effective riding between 1978 and 1980 Karlson rode 48 World Rounds without incident. In 1980, despite having only won the first race in Northern Ireland , Ulf won the World Championship thanks to its great overall consistency, with six second places and two third places during the season.


In 2003 he was dedicated a postage stamp, which shows Ulf on the Cota 348, illustrations made by Swedish artist Leif Ahnlund.



FIM World Trials Champion 1980


Sweedish National Trials Champion 1976, 1977 , 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983


Scandanavian Champion 1982, 1983




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