SWM 350 Jumbo 1983

New project  now all in bits  in front of my other one, the bike belong to a very good friend but he simply does not have time to work on his own bikes let alone this one. So we struck a deal and here it is 


This one is a 1983 with the 35mm  front forks as you can see a few new parts already from

Martin at  motoSWM.com

All stripped ready for a few bits painting SWM Blue 


Frame now painted  and bottom yokes polished to a chrome finish , had a go at one of the fork legs finished off with a new dust cover from Moto SWM.com


Alloy is fantastic to work with its just time and effort really


Below is what the bike should look like , black seat covers are hard to come by so mine will have to have a new blue one

Forks and yokes pretty much done, finished off with stainless steel bolts


Now the swingarm and bashplate !


Had a go with the swing arm , come up really nice 


I know it should be sort of anodised silver but they always rub to a shine with your feet , so i have polished it like my other Jumbo , it now looks really clean.


All it needs is a stand bracket fabricating once I have taken a template from my other Jumbo.


Like any restoration part of the fun is locating your parts to make it how you want it. 


Be prepared it does take time and for that finishing part ?? well you may just have to pay over the odds , but it will be worth it.


You will also make new  like minded friends in the process from all over the world !


Pretty much NOS horn and rear mudguard


bracket from Martin at

Spent an hour on the engine today


The head and barrel have to go away for repairs  so before I take them off  I gave it a good brush with paint stripper.


 All the lower engine has been done now so final preparation for the painting process next 


The real pleasing thing was the engine and cases are very good  original condition.


This way the engine really will look like new and not just tarted up !


Here we have the flywheel cover in high build black primer, not looking too bad if I do say so myself

For the eagle eyed you will notice a bit of fin missing in the first photo, also the barrel had a bit missing, well not anymore........

a very good mate sorted them for me, just a bit of finishing off and as good as new. Martin at MotoSwm had some stands made so just had to have one


I thought it would be a good idea to compare the SWM with the Armstrong CMT 350 

Not much on the internet releating to SWM rear silencers, spoke to Martin Mathews who sent me an image of one before they are welded.


Thats it i was off and running, two of the internal plates had come away and just rattled in the silencer, you can see a washer holding one and a pair of grips the other in the photo above.


The Jumbo silencer had packing on each end, these silencers are a work of art really.


All welded back together the key is not to rush and tak your time the metal is quite thick so no distortion really.


Again some time spent grinding and sanding the welds, how I see it too many silencers just look a mess when welded and left.


So all in all well worth the time and effort appart from the first silencer image click the others to expand




Quick play with front rim , should come up nice enough, not rotten like the Yamaha Pinky rims !


Its just time and effort to get the right results, then we have the back one to do too !!


What to do with spokes , stainless or leave alone ?


Stainless is the way really  ?


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