SWM Jumbo 350 1984

Not a project as in restoration, but a breif story of how I ended up with  a 350 Jumbo.

With the SWM 320 1982 finished, I  started to look again for a 350 Jumbo. after a few months found this on the web from the Italian Alps  in a little village called Mazin. 


It was all planned Dave Dawson  offered straight away to be my co pilot, I had him covered on my company car insurance and we where going!


I seriously nearly bought this bike  but at the time I knew nobody in Italy to help me and  comunication wasnt great I dont think the guy took me seriously and who could blame him 2500 mile round trip. What a  road trip that was going to be !!


Yet another bike again from Italy, I dont mind it not working but what if some of the parts are missing? So I  gave this one a miss too

This came up and a lot more sensible , went to get Dave Dawson and off we went to Birmingham  to meet  Dave Wood, pretty much a sorted bike it came with quite a few spares and original 38mm Betor front forks, has Fantic forks in the pictures above, needless to say Dave was pretty gutted when  I said i would have it, he didnt really want to part with it at the time.

Here it is today with original front forks fitted, Raptor foot pegs, Betor rear shocks and a brand new carb jetted for the reed valve, one day I may strip and restore but at the moment I just enjoy riding the bike it makes me smile every time, after all is that not what this sport is about enjoyment! 

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