SWM 320 Jumbo 

Part restoration and part rebuild , this pages deatails the work  carried out to the  Jumbo 320

Whilst the SWM 320 1982 restoration had ended up mint  I wasnt really satisfied possibly the wrong seat and a painted petrol tank?

By this time I  already had the Jumbo 350  which was tidy 

I wanted to build an SWM 320 Jumbo , these where never imported into  the UK ,  so that was it I could not get this new project out of my head.


I now had a contact in Italy , I wanted a frame off him but purchased the bike above instead!



Frame before and after, all ready to build up into a bike, I only kept the parts I needed, the rest of the parts sold before the bike even got to the UK.  


So with both bikes stripped a painted frame and all the other parts cleaned up the bike took shape, I was very lucky to get a mint seat from Martin Mathews not cheap but well worth it the black seat was always fitted to the 350 and blue to the 320 .

I ended up with 1 black seat and 2 blue seats, plus a spare tank and seat base panel, they would come in great use for another project later!

I had to mod the standard 320 airbox and Jumbo  mounting brackets, looking at all the other 320 jumbo's the air box stuck out from the frame at the back as you will see mine fits really nice, the other mod was to the top engine bracket and exhaust front pipe bracket.

The finished bike as it is today, yes i have rode it a few times, it is totally different to the 350 , it feels lighter and is very easy to ride and finds grip for fun!


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