Merlin DG350 FIUS

Here is my new Merlin DG350 Fius, why I here you ask ?? why not  I say !! just look at the wheels , was it one of the best trials bikes every made,? who cares , it  looks different  and must have  one of the crazy exhaust systems ever made ?

The bike was purchased in Barcelona Spain,  I must thank my good friend Valenti for collecting the bike for me and taking it to his house for me to collect.  The above pictures are what I had to look at  and decide if I wanted the bike, now i am no Merlin expert but to me  it look original and complete.

So would it actualy start ?  The answer yes only after the jets and carb cleaned out ! I have to say the engine  is  mint and sounds sweet !!

The bike is all original  and pretty much  how it  was  from new , I seriously doubt it has every seen a trial looking at the wheel rims and engine bash plate, even the forks  are clean and no scratches, so above is how it looks after a quick wash



I decided to give the bike a bit of a tidy up if thats the word, not a full restoration more a bit of painting alot of cleaning and trying out my new Bright Zinc Plating Kit , check out the rear wheel spindle and chain adjuster and below footrest including spring

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