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Learning Trial DVD - English Version. (Please note that the cover may vary. All DVD's are in all English or all Spanish language and have two versions of inner sleeve on the cover which can be turned to suit)

Learning trials takes a lot of practise and guidance from experienced riders. We think that nothing could be better than to have a DVD that shows, step by step, the essential Trial techniques needed to develop and progress in the sport.

Gondola Films have created this DVD for learning trials and shows you the correct control methods used by the best riders such as, the main teacher in the film, Jordi Pascuet. There are also guest appearances from Adam Raga and Jordi Tarres who are masters of Trial riding. The DVD is not aimed at highly professional competitors, but instead focuses on the basics. It consists of 10 lessons which encompass the core of successful and confident riding on a trials motorbike. Right from the youngest riders on electric OSET bikes to more experienced older riders, everyone can benefit from practising the skills shown in the film.

Learning Trial DVD also pays attention to important elements for practice, adjustments of the motorbike and its maintenance, specific fitness training for trials, the trailer for the transportation, youth trials and some extras that will help you to understand the whole universe of Trial.

Available exclusively from Trials UK from mid January 2012, this almost 3 hour long DVD offers excellent value for money and will benefit riders of all abilities and ages.

The above mentioned lessons are divided into the following chapters:

1. The position on the motorbike

2. The balance

3. Wheel Displacements

4. Turns

5. To raise the wheel

6. Hillsides

7. Pivots

8. Steps

9. Rivers

10. Slopes

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