Diego Bosis

Diego Bosis was born on 19th October 1967 in Bergamo Italy

In 1979 when he was 12 years of age he started to compete in local trial competitions.


This was down to his father Giacomo's passion for trials and his uncle Ezio who was one of the Italian trials pioneers.


What a great start Diego had with his family so into trials, it does make a difference if you are brought up with trials bikes.




World Championship


1984   Fantic14th

1985   Montesa8th

1986   Montesa6th

1987   Aprilia2

1988   Aprilia5th

1989   Aprilia3rd

1990   Aprilia2

1991   Fantic3rd

1992   Fantic3rd

1993   Fantic10th

1994   Beta7th

1995   Beta13th

1996   Gas Gas18th

1997   Montesa18th

1998   Montesa11th

1999   Montesa14th

2000   Montesa21st




Italian championship


1982   Fantic1st-Cadets 

1983   Fantic1st-Cadets 

1984   Fantic1st-Junior 

1985   Montesa 3rd

1986   Montesa 1st

1987   Aprilia 1st

1988   Aprilia 2nd

1989   Aprilia 1st

1990   Aprilia 1st

1991   Fantic 1st

1992   Fantic 1st

1993   Fantic 2nd

1994   Beta 3rd

1995   Beta3rd

1996   Gas Gas 2nd

1997   Montesa 2nd

1998   Montesa 2nd

1999   Montesa 2nd

2000   Montesa 3rd

2001   Montesa 5th

2002   Montesa 3rd

2003   Montesa 4th

2004   Montesa 2nd

2005   Montesa 5th

2006   Montesa 3rd

2007   Montesa 2nd

2008   Sherco 6th

2009   Montesa 4th


Also in 1984 he rode the FIM World Championship season and finished a very respectable 14th , it was very obvious at this early stage in his career he was going to be a special rider.


In his first year with Montesa Diego came 3rd in the Italian National Championship, taking his first Senior championship win in 1986, then 1987, 1989, 1990, and 1992


In the FIM World Championship he won 9 events the first on June 26th 1987 and his final win in 1994 at his home event in Italy becoming the firt Italian to win on his home ground.


He came second in the Fim World Championship twice 1987 and 1990 both times behind the Spaniard Jordi Tarres

In 1987 he rode to a fantastic Trials Des Nations win for Italy with his team mates Donato Miglio, Renato Chiaberto and Carlo Franco, in total he rode 22 times for Italy in this event.


At 41 years of age Diago took 4th In the Italian National Championship, 27 concecuative years averaging 2nd place , what an incredible acheivement !


In 2010,2011 Diego worked with the FIM trials commision designing sections for World Championship events.

Towards the end of his career he opened a trials school in Castellinaldo in the province of Cuneo


At the age of 44 he died on 14 February 2012 from cardiac arrest.


A true loss to our wonderfull sport of trials


Ciao Diego........



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