Armstrong CMT 320

In a sorry state but pretty much complete

If you look at the clutch cover you will see a crack/hole near the kickstart lever, a very good reason for this the kick start shaft had  broken in two !


Replaced the shaft and cleaned the carb out, started really easy and the engine is free from any rattles or knocking infact it runs really nice .


Always a risk when you buy a non runner, so from here its a cosmetic restoration and a load of new parts, nothing hard just the time  required to  do it to a high standard.

Hope mine will look as good as these !


Thats the plan anyway !

Bike stripped  and parts away for painting, notice the tank  around the rear shock mounts ?

Got another tank coming this looks like it could be off a Rotax engined version, New footrests came today .

Having a play with head and barrel, just a quick go for now , Once painted thinking of having the fin edges brushed alloy finish


The bike above look really good for it


Frame and yokes stripped to bare metal , etch  primed and two pack primed ready for colour then painted with two pack colour , new bolts make a hugh difference on any rebuild , I would always recomend chainging what nuts and bolts etc you can well worth the extra money.

Engine  painted and put back in , bash plate cleaned and polished, front mudguard saved and bracket fit to forks, electrics and carb to clean and check then add to bike, please so far with how its going

Made a rear silencer lower mounting bush, air box repaired and fitted , best air box i could find was a CMT 310 so you will notice a small alloy spacer on the lower mounting. Bottom right image shows a cleaned intake tube and for the eagle eyed an extended clutch arm.

I had two sets of wheels, these are the better so I decided to clean and polish them 

The idea in my madness is you can keep poloshing them when they get scratched from use

New set of stainless steel sspokes from  Dave at In Motion Trials'  Worth the extra cost for stainless spokes in my opinion, Hubs painted, so thats the easy bit now to build the wheels !

Tank repaired and ready for the paint process 

and below all painted turned out better than I thought it would 

Paul at Anglia Vinyl Art , check out Ebay,  produces top quality replacement decals , original new red cables from  John at Armstrong Trials

Almost finished now , tried to keep this bike original , stand to make , straps for tank and a final fettle and check, will be ready to ride then

Stand now made , tank rear straps here soon , had the tank lined out with a product called Slosh made in the Isle Of Man , really easy to do but you have to be patient takes over 3 weeks from start to finish !

A big thank you to John Halfpenny at Armstrong Trials for all his advise and help with this project , click the link to see his dedicated Armstrong website

Pictures below prove it can be ridden and not just for show, It rides great I was most pleased with the steering 

Reusable cable ties for the rear tank mounting

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