Armstrong CMT  350


So here we  are again the very rare Armstrong CMT 350 one of only 25 ever produced , using the Rotax engine as fitted to the SWM TL350 Jumbo. 


Production started in August 1984 and stopped 11 months later in September 1985. Despite its revised frame and rear shocks many felt it wasn’t as good as the Hiro engine bikes. This is understandable for those of you who know what the SWM Jumbo was like, quite a handful at times and not to everyone’s taste. The early bikes or pre production bikes had SWM silencers fitted.


This one is my bike and when the other one is done  another exciting project ...............


The first few pictures  show how the bike developed and how it should look?

For more information on the Armstrong trials bikes , spare parts and  expert advice click the link 

A few bits of the bike, most parts I have not all shown in picture, 350 engine and frame or 240 engine and frame  ?


350 it is then perhaps a 240 another day who know's !


As you can see the top left bike has a complete SWM exhaust system. The bike above which John Lampkin is riding has a totaly different front pipe and again had the SWM Silencers. The other two pictures show the final production models

I thought it would make sense to get the worst part out of the way. So I will get the tanks ready  for both current projects .


The tank sat on the blue frame is in a bad way  but with  time , effort and not rushing you can see I have rebuilt the rear sections . 


Once I am happy they can be detailed ready for primer  on another note I have found a apoxy resin  type glue to  repair the seat, it can be sanded  and shaped  and at the same time glues the damge together (result)

Had a play with the seat with a two pack adhesive, pretty pleased so far , yes the seat is like a hard sponge really but once its glued  these areas are hard but it does glue it together and fill the holes, and its proper stuck together.


The actual seat bit is okay so it still gives a little anyway


We all know they look rubbish if they get re covered in material and lets face it how mant times do you actually sit down ?


I guess it all depends how good a rider you are .......


The seat is the least of my worries  but once finished and re textured I hink it will be in keeping with how the bike used to look back in the day.


Below you can see just how much I have had to re build the tank unit, takes time , its's messy but strong  and very rewarding once done

Made a start on wheels  and hubs , whilst hubs are easy , old gold  anodised wheels are a problem when discoloured and scratched. Since I am hoping to ride this bike I have decided to have the anodised stripped off and then I will polish them , easier to repair and polish if they get scratched.  I do like coloured wheel rims but first time out in rocks they get damaged .


Pleased with hubs and brake plates, just new bearings and stainless spokes  now.


Why would you have metalic purple fork bottoms ?


Once stripped they are very clean no nasty scratches  the next image is in primer

Picked up a bash plate this week  bit disapointed with some corrosion at the front  but had a quick 5 minutes grinding and sanding , a lot happier now  I know it will virtually look like new when I have done.

On another note managed to get a genuine front pipe and middle box , I have a genuine rear silencer to come from a friend.

So now all that is required is a lot of TLC to make the bike mint again !

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