Welcome to my website...........

Trials has always been part of my family both two wheels and four


I was never a super star rider in my day but I would say well above average, I remember riding just about every weekend, night trials in summer and quite a few Centre and National trials. 


I rode a number of trials bike in the early eighties, Beamish Suzuki, Armstrong CCM, Italjet, SWM Jumbo and finaly a Monoshock Yamaha.


The most interesting bike for me as I remember was the SWM 350 Jumbo, this is the reason i have got back into the sport, I thought it would be good if I could get one and start riding again, afterall who would really want a 30 year old bike..........


I soon realized how difficult is was going to be to actually find a Jumbo so after a few months I took the decision to restore  a SWM 320 to get me started !


So the journey began the amount of people i have got to know from around the world is amazing!  

This was before i got started with Facebook and all that!


I hope to share my work, make the site interesting, its more SWM related for now but I hope to get involved with most makes to eventualy sell bikes and even some parts, who knows ??  i'm not in any great rush !!


I hope you enjoy this website.

Patley Bridge 2012

Isle Of Man 1984

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